Financial software development

Unlock big data’s potential with advanced analytics and machine learning

Cons Services is committed to deliver the best-in-class services and provide outstanding Web3 technology experience. We are part of a fast changing and evolving industry. Our team  of individuals endeavor to craft innovative solution tailored to the emerging business needs.

Deliver industry
leading service

We provide solutions on financial software development that help you deliver exceptional financial services with improved operational efficiency, lower transaction fees and diverse blockchain-enabled payment options. Our software solutions and R&D support help you manage and track performance of your data.

Protect assets
against fraud

Fraud and identity theft are among the biggest challenges faced by modern financial institutions. We help tightly regulated finance, banking and insurance businesses create secure storage and transfer via blockchain technology without the involvement of any third-party.

Unlock data

Our Big Data expertise will help you collate and analyse your data in a user-friendly environment. We will enable you to understand insights so you can build your business around the evidence contained within your data.

Speed up payments and
reduce costs

In today’s financial market, everything moves at pace. We will help you integrate blockchain technology to ensure your transaction speed does not falter. You will be able to safely transfer and accept global payments within minutes, 24 hours a day, while saving on costs related to peer-to-peer transfers and international remittances.

Manage complex
financial risks

Our custom fintech solutions help you develop risk prediction modelling tools to calculate operational risks in real time. By doing this you can manage major credit, market and operational risks efficiently, thus, reducing time and saving on costs.

Our financial solutions

Through our trusted fintech software development services we enable transformation of financial services enterprises using cutting-edge technologies.

Advanced analytics

We further help businesses to extract valuable insights from the data so that decisions made are evidence-based. Advanced analytics can also help in forecasting market outcomes, risk management and investment management. Our services in that area would add value for you and your customers.

Web 3.0 and identity management

We seek to apply our extensive knowledge of Web 3.0 technologies to help you in offering safe and transparent transactions with end-to-end traceability and visibility over your entire value chain. We are proficient in building custom financial software solutions using our Web 3.0 development expertise.

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